Friday, April 29, 2011

For Those Who Are Weary of Our Denominational Troubles

Elijah the prophet, he ran away
He just didn't have the heart,
Anymore to stay.

"I'm all alone!" to God he cried,
And in the desert, he would have died
But in his mercy God woke him up
And gave him a meal from heaven on which to sup

And brought him to the mountain,
The truth to show: seven thousand in Israel
Never to Baal did go.

Not by power and not by might
The still, small voice wins the fight.

Be encouraged in that fight today,
For God goes ahead and gives us words to say.

Dear prophet Elijah shows us well
Not to run and hide but stay and tell

The grace of God in the face of wrong
Of Man and of Woman, Jesus, his Bride, Love's True Song--

To sing... for to him, Our Savior, we will always belong.

Not by power and not by might
The Holy Spirit will give us sight
A vision to tell to those in need
For Jesus Messiah, he is Lord indeed!